WPLN: ALIAS Redefines Musical Success

Nashville PublicNina Cardona features ALIAS on this morning’s report on WPLN, the Nashville Public Radio station. For the full story, visit the WPLN Web site HERE, or click HERE for streaming audio of the segment.

The following is an excerpt of the transcript:

It’s ten o’clock on a weekday morning, and a group of professional string players are gathered in a cozy East Nashville living room. One at a time, they begin to draw bows across their instruments.

They’re preparing for a concert that won’t bring a paycheck.

Everyone in Alias earns their money by making music somewhere else. Most of the group’s twelve musicians are in the Nashville Symphony. A few teach at local universities.

Violinist Zeneba Bowers says the chamber ensemble gives them a degree of musical independence and allows them to be small-scale philanthropists. “It really was this simple idea that we would choose our own music, we would have ownership and control over it, and at the same time that we would be doing something socially positive by benefiting local nonprofits.”

“With each new season we adopt three non-profit partners,” says Laura Alabed. She has served on the ensemble’s board of directors since its inception. “We just hand them a box of money at the end of the night. We give them 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales.” At most concerts so far, that’s been about a thousand dollars or so.