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Nashville SCENE, Best of Nashville 2009
Best Socially-Conscious Classical Programming:
ALIAS Chamber Ensemble’s “Emerging Voices” Series

Since the 1980s, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing contemporary female composers like Joan Tower or Ellen Taaffe Zwilich represented in the classical concert hall, but the number of women composers active throughout the history of Western music may still surprise many listeners. That’s why ALIAS Chamber Ensemble’s artistic director Zeneba Bowers conceived a project to highlight works by women from the 1690s to the present. From Lili Boulanger and Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn to some names you’ve probably not heard before, Bowers and her fellow ALIAS members have uncovered a wealth of repertoire she says will last well beyond the group’s two-year “Emerging Voices” series — which continues through spring of 2010.
– Russell Johnston