Nashville Scene: ALIAS impresses with under-performed gems, announces bold new commission

“An appreciative crowd at last Thursday’s wide-ranging concert by the ALIAS Chamber Ensemble made clear what a strong connection ALIAS has formed with its community, and the announcement of a major new project confirmed the group’s continuing artistic success.

After intermission, artistic director and violinist Zeneba Bowers excitedly gave the audience details about the ambitious new venture. Alias has commissioned a quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano from rising star composer Gabriela Lena Frank, and the ensemble is set to record a full album of Frank’s music for leading classical label Naxos, with the composer herself appearing as pianist.

A nice deal for anyone, and a truly impressive one for a young nonprofit ensemble with all-volunteer membership and no institutional affiliation. With the same zeal and inventiveness that informs their music-making, ALIAS lined up funding and support from the long-established Schubert Club of St. Paul, Minn., as well as from Vanderbilt and the Metro Nashville Arts Commission…”

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