Musician Spotlight: Meet ALIAS Violinist Jeremy Williams

jeremy williams

ALIAS Chamber EnsembleALIAS Violinist Jeremy Williams is from Albany, NY. He moved to Nashville in 1998 when he joined The Nashville Symphony. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in music and psychology from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree in music from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied with Andres Cardenes. Jeremy has played with many, many orchestras. In addition to ALIAS, he has played in chamber music groups such as the Excelsior String Quartet and the Red Springs Ensemble, which he founded. As an educator, he leads a string quartet which performs programs for young people in Tennessee schools.

Jeremy took a few minutes away from rehearsing for the ALIAS Fall Concert, to tell us about the piece he’ll be performing.

Tell us about the Quartet you’ll be performing at the Fall Concert.

Kevin Volans second Quartet is called “Hunting and Gathering”. Volans is from South Africa. I’m fascinated by Africa. My parents went there this year and have amazing stories about the continent. The piece has a vibe that I’ve never heard before. It’s hard to put your finger on, but when you listen to it, this music has to be from Africa. Volans writes a note in the score saying that the music is “walking music”.

What excites you the most about this piece?

I’m really excited to see how each of our ALIAS Quartet members will put their personality into this piece. I’m looking forward to sharing a fantastic piece of music.

What’s the most challenging aspect of the piece?

The most challenging thing about this piece is to know when to ignore the other players! At times, this “walking music” walks in different directions. We each walk our own walk and then meet up again “down the road”.

How long have you been performing with ALIAS Chamber Ensemble?

I’ve been with ALIAS from the start. We all wanted an outlet to rehearse and perform chamber music. Since then Matt and Zen have done the yeoman’s work of making ALIAS what it is today.

What’s your favorite part of being an ALIAS musician?

My favorite part of being an ALIAS musician is finding new pieces to play, working them up, and sharing them at ALIAS concerts!