ALIAS CD Breaks onto Billboard Top 100

ALIAS at Blair 2

On February 15, 2011, ALIAS released its first CD, an all-Gabriela Lena Frank recording on the Naxos “American Classics” label. “Hilos,” which quickly broke onto the Billboard Top 100 classical chart at No. 93, has since drawn widespread critical acclaim, including:

“The performances…are uniformly excellent, and so are the sonics. A wonderful disc of inventive, fresh, characterful music, plain and simple.”

From Chamber Musician Today:

“This Naxos label disc featuring the virtuosity and soulful playing of the Alias Chamber Ensemble offers a unique musical adventure.”

Re: Hilos: “So vivid are the melodies and rhythms, skillfully performed here by the Alias Chamber Ensemble, that the spirited Afro-Peruvian dance…teases and exhilarates.”

Re: Danza de los Saqsampillos: “… Danza de los Saqsampillos for marimba duo offers a dazzling display of virtuosity by percussionists Christopher Norton and Todd Kemp.”

Re: Adagio para Amantani for cello and piano: “Frank and Walker perform this poignant meditation with sensitivity and pathos.”

Re: Quijotadas: “The four intrepid players – Bowers, Walker, violinist Alison Gooding and violist Chris Farrell – join forces to perform this texturally varied and rhythmically pulsating score with all the quirkiness and gusto it demands.”

Hilos CD Cover

From Nashville Scene:
“Alias’ debut disc, featuring Gabriela Lena Frank, was well worth the wait”

Re: Hilos: “The music is remarkable for its shimmering, transparent textures. It’s also full of vivid sonic images… Frank performs…with power and sparkle. Bowers, Levine and Walker respond with playing that is both passionate and spontaneous.”

Re: Danza de los Saqsampillos: “Alias percussionists Christopher Norton and Todd Kemp bring this glistening music to life. They are equal to the work’s challenges…playing with a sense of pure joy.”