Outreach Programs Feature Interactive “Choose Your Own Quartet”

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Composer and Violist Chris Farrell Writes Dynamic New Music for
ALIAS Chamber Ensemble’s Education Community Programs (ECP)

Farrell music

For years, the GRAMMY-nominated ALIAS Chamber Ensemble has performed an eclectic array of music to audiences at the Blair School of Music. What fewer people know, though, is that ALIAS musicians also present Education Community Programs (ECP) to area schools and community centers. These programs focus on engaging under-served adults and children with music, developing new audiences and expanding the understanding and appreciation of music in general.

This season, ALIAS musician and ECP Director Chris Farrell has created a dynamic new presentation for the ECP. Farrell has composed a string quartet that will demonstrate how composers write music. After hearing works by Mozart and John Zorn, students will choose from a variety of short sections of music, composed by Farrell, and then explore the ways that they can be fit together to compose an entire piece. “I’ve written this music specifically for these programs,” Farrell explained. “The students can experience first-hand how a piece is composed by selecting portions of music and deciding what order to play them. I am really excited about this program.”

“This approach to music education programming is much more hands-on and personal,” said Michelle Doane, a member of ALIAS’ Board of Directors who helps coordinate the ECP events. “Having a real, live composer demonstrate this process is a great opportunity for students and adults, and we are really fortunate to have a composer among our ranks of ALIAS musicians.”

ALIAS will present programs at Park Center, Hume-Fogg Magnet School (with whom ALIAS has an ongoing PENCIL Foundation Partnership), Vanderbilt Virtual School, Nashville Public Library (Goodlettsville branch), and Park Avenue Enhanced Option School.

The programs will also include a portion of Farrell’s newly completed quartet, “Three Portraits”, which will premiere on ALIAS’ Spring Concert, May 22 at the Blair School of Music.

ALIAS Education Community Program Schedule:
– March 8 (10:30AM) – Park Center South
– April 5 (2:15PM) – Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School
– April 6 (2:00PM) – Nashville Public Library (Goodlettsville branch)
– April 9 (9:00AM & 10:00AM) – Virtual School at Vanderbilt
– April 19, (10:00AM) – Park Avenue Enhanced Option School

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