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The ALIAS Educational and Community Programs coordinator (also violist and composer), Chris Farrell, has developed a unique program for this season’s ECP performances. This year, the musicians will explore different combinations of three instruments: flute-viola, harp-flute, viola-harp and flute-viola-harp. The flute-viola duet is a new composition by Farrell.

This season’s performance schedule includes:
• King’s Daughters
• Goodlettsville Library
• Green Hills Library
• Hume-Fogg
• Pearl-Cohn H.S. (Pearl-Cohn will also have an opportunity to practice what they’re learning by recording and producing a short video!)

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“We give the audience opportunities to ask questions. Hopefully this builds an audience likely to attend chamber concerts in the future,” says Farrell. “Normally, these audiences would not have access to this type of classical chamber music. And it’s great when the audience asks questions!”

One of the goals of ECP is to give audiences a better idea of how to listen to all types of music. Chris says we’re all taught how to read: how to look for characters and how to recognize how sentences are put together.

“Yet there’s an assumption that everyone knows how to listen to music,” says Chris. “But classical music can be intimidating if you don’t know how to listen to it. I want the audience to learn there are specific aspects that will enhance their listening experience.”

An important part of the ALIAS mission is to reach out to different types of audiences who might otherwise not have access to classical and chamber music performances. Through the ensemble’s Education and Community Programs, ALIAS performs for children and adults at schools, libraries and other organizations, such as Park Center and Dismas House.