ALIAS launches Mestiza Music in Music City

In conjunction with The GLF Project, ALIAS is launching Mestiza Music in Music City, a residency program in one of Nashville’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods, featuring educational and community outreach to families and school children.

Made possible by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Tennessee Arts Commission, MMMC will include the following events:

  • Oct. 3rd at 4:00pm – Family Concert, location TBA
  • Oct. 4th at 8:30am – Educational Concert, Cole Elementary School (for students and their families)
  • Oct. 4th at 4:00pm – Educational Concert, W.O. Smith Community Music School (for students)
  • Oct. 5th at 8:30am – Educational Concert, Paragon Mills Elementary (for students and their families)

MMMC includes arts-integrated lesson plans inspired by Hilos and developed by a curriculum specialist which meet TN state standards for grades K-4 in Social Studies and Student Performance Indicators (SPIs) for 3rd and 4th grades. Music and Art lessons will meet standards for all grade levels, focusing on instruments and musical styles from Latin American countries and cultures, as well as the specific instruments the composer used in Hilos: clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

In each scenario, the composer will talk to audiences of all ages about Andean cultural influences in her music, and demonstrate how she uses traditional western instruments to evoke the folkloric traditions of sound and style. Her superb blending of cultural elements and classical music has won Gabriela Lena Frank both a Latin Grammy and a Guggenheim Prize.  Her new piece, composed with a civic purpose in mind, lends itself perfectly to introducing kids and families to art music in an easily identifiable manner.

Please visit the MMMC’s Facebook page by clicking HERE.