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You can help ALIAS bring a World Premiere to life

It’s not every day you get to help create something that’s never been heard before, especially the recording of a World Premiere by a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer. But today we invite you to join ALIAS Chamber Ensemble and Nashville’s Portara Chamber Ensemble in recording “Amorisms”, by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul […]


ALIAS-Portara Partnership Profile: Daniel Elder

This Spring, ALIAS launches a series of creative collaborations, including the May 7th concert with Portara Choral Ensemble, where they will perform a World Premiere by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec. Portara and ALIAS will perform together again for the May 29-31 Emergence series with the Nashville Ballet. The ALIAS-Portara-Ballet […]


Nashville Ballet-ALIAS Partnership Profile: Gina Patterson

ALIAS is partnering with the Nashville Ballet for yet another cross-genre “Emergence” series, coming May 29-31 to The Martin Center. “Emergence” will feature works by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Paul Moravec, including “Amorisms”. ALIAS, the Ballet and Portara are commissioning the new “Amorisms” CD, expected to release in early 2015. Nashville […]


Did you know…

The ALIAS Educational and Community Programs coordinator (also violist and composer), Chris Farrell, has developed a unique program for this season’s ECP performances. This year, the musicians will explore different combinations of three instruments: flute-viola, harp-flute, viola-harp and flute-viola-harp. The flute-viola duet is a new composition by Farrell. This season’s performance schedule […]